Celebrating Potomac Dental Centre’s Patient Feedback

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What makes a dental office the best around? Good dental work, a good environment, a friendly/knowledgeable staff, reasonable fees, and location. Though all of these contribute to that, the ultimate indicator is patient feedback.

Here at Potomac Dental Centre, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with quality care and a friendly environment. The patient is our number one priority. We have been fortunate to have patients leave their remarks about us on our REVIEWS section of our home page. Along with being able to write a review on our social media pages, we are excited about the feedback we are getting from our patients on a daily basis.

Where is this coming from? It takes a good team to bring in this wonderful feedback. Our staff at Potomac Dental Centre cares about the patients and their number one desire is to provide comfort. If a patient is cold, they provide a blanket. If their neck hurts, they provide an extra pillow. If the patient is thirsty or needs a magazine while they wait, they quickly bring the patient what they need so they can be as comfortable as possible during their appointment.

Potomac Dental Centre offers the newest technology in dentistry. This is one of the things that also brings our patients back. The staff provides knowledge and information on procedures the patient may need so it is clearly understood before work is performed. Patients are encouraged to ask any questions if anything is unclear before moving forward.

Our team at Potomac Dental Centre understands that there are factors when choosing where to go for a dental visit. There are many dentists in the local area. Some base their decision on insurance, location, website appearance, or just word of mouth from other existing patients. Why choose us?

With over 340 reviews, 97.1% of our patients would refer friends and family to us. The patient feedback speaks for itself.