Could BOTOX® Help Your TMJ?

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Have you been diagnosed with a TMJ, or a temporomandibular joint, disorder? Do you wake up with discomfort in your jaw that could be intense at times? If you are seeking relief from such discomfort, we are happy to announce that we may be able to help. We are thrilled to be able to offer BOTOX® to help improve is sues you may be having with your TMJ.

At Potomac Dental Centre, our dentist has been trained to be able to provide BOTOX treatments that can not only smooth your wrinkles away, but also help treat discomfort from TMJ and chronic headaches as well. You can have issues with this joint if your jaw becomes locked and seeking this kind of therapy can help force those muscles to relax.

Because this is not a surgical procedure and is non-invasive, you may not need any recovery time from this therapy. However, you should avoid rubbing the injection areas to keep from accidentally spreading the medication. You could experience several months of relief from a single treatment.

If you have been experiencing discomfort with your TMJ and would like to know if BOTOX could work for you in Hagerstown, Maryland, you are welcome to call us at 240-329-2398 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Everett Eklund. We want to help you get your smile back to its healthiest state.