Could You Get an Implant With a Tooth Extraction?

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Were you told that one of your teeth needs to be extracted? Are you worried about what that could do to your smile? Many people can be self-conscious of their smile if they are left with a gap in their teeth. Depending on your dental health, there are a few different technologies we can utilize to help make it possible to get an implant along with your extraction to fill in that hole.

Dr. Everett Eklund can evaluate the health of your jawbone to determine if it is healthy enough to support a dental implant. If he finds it has deteriorated, it may be able to be restored with ReOss® technologies, which can help stimulate new bone growth. The new bone growth can be durable enough to support an implant.

Another method could be used after the implant has been inserted. If needed, our dentist can use Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) to help speed up your healing. This therapy is a combination of platelet rich fibrin, which our dentist can get from your blood and can be used in the sutures to help promote rapid healing.

Finally, our dentist might use a hemostatic dressing and collagen plug to help cease the blood flow. Once that is accomplished, the healing process can begin. The plugs can be reabsorbed and may be used if the dressings are more difficult to place.

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