Dental Bridges: Bringing Your Confidence Back

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Does your smile have one or more of your teeth missing? Do you wish that your smile was whole again? If you said yes to either of these questions, you might want to consider a dental bridge restoration. If a dental bridge is properly maintained, the prosthetic can potentially last a lifetime.

It can be important to your dental health to address the gaps in your smile. Your remaining teeth can begin to slide, rotate or shift, which may result in a misaligned bite. If you don’t treat the misalignment, worse problems could develop like a TMJ disorder or periodontal disease.

During a dental bridge restoration, the false teeth, called pontic teeth, are attached to crowns on the neighboring, or abutment, teeth. The abutment teeth act as anchors for the dental restoration. You may need to have an impression of your mouth taken because dental bridges are custom-made to match and fit your smile. Once crafted, the prosthetic device can be cemented into place to complete your smile once more.

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