BOTOX To Ease Headaches and Jaw Pain

Do you clench and grind your teeth causing discomfort of the jaw? Do you suffer from painful headaches? Dr. Everett Eklund uses BOTOX® to help manage jaw disorders and bruxism.

At Potomac Dental Centre, we work to exceed your expectations. Our dentist can inject BOTOX®, which is an FDA-approved treatment to relax your muscles and help with multiple issues. For example, BOTOX can be used to:

  • Improve your TMJ issues.
  • Smooth away wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Treat chronic headaches.
  • Improve jaw pain.

One of the big benefits of BOTOX treatment is that it is not a surgery and requires no recovery time, incisions or stitches. It is comfortable, and you can see results in a single visit! It is not a permanent solution, however, and treatment typically lasts for 6 months before you need another injection. This means that if you decide you dislike the look or feel of BOTOX, you can simply allow it to fade away.

Dr. Everett Eklund will make sure that this type of treatment is right for you and that you understand how it will work, so you can feel confident about how you look and feel when you visit our practice for BOTOX. If you have any questions about BOTOX in Hagerstown, Maryland, or if you would like to schedule your next appointment with our friendly team and dentist, please feel free to call our office at 240-329-2398 today.