Thinking of Porcelain Veneers?

We can help. In three easy steps with minimal preparation, we can get you a beautiful new smile so you can live confidently.

Many patients are self-conscious about their smile due to chipped, misshaped or discolored teeth, but we want to make sure you are proud to show off your smile. Here at Potomac Dental Centre, we are proud to offer dental veneers in Hagerstown, Maryland, to help correct these issues.

Dental veneers are made of thin porcelain or resin that bonds to the front of your teeth to enhance your smile. They are custom made for your specific smile, and our dentist will make sure they are comfortable, functional and help your smile to look great!

Custom-made veneers can be used for just one tooth or for your entire smile, and they do more than simply improve the color of teeth. Dr. Everett Eklund may suggest veneers to:

  • Whiten teeth that are severely stained or discolored.
  • Improve the appearance of misshapen teeth.
  • Correct slightly crooked teeth.
  • Close large spaces or gaps between teeth.
  • Restore broken, fractured or worn teeth.

Dental veneers are a conservative cosmetic option that preserves the structure of your original teeth and strengthens your smile. Check out the steps for receiving veneers below. If you are ready for the smile you deserve, please give us a call at 240-329-2398 or visit our office. We look forward to hearing from you!


Step One: Consultation

The first step towards a new smile is to meet with us for a personal consultation, where our team will take photos, X-rays and discuss your smile concerns. Our dentist will determine what you specifically want improved and how we can achieve the smile of your dreams.

Step Two: Impressions and Preparation

At this second appointment, our team will take preliminary impressions of your natural teeth so you have aesthetic and comfortable temporary veneers to wear. Our dentist will remove a very small amount of tooth surface from the tooth to allow space for a veneer. After all preparations are made, our team will contact the lab and discuss your case.

Step Three: Final Veneers

Once you are fully satisfied with your smile, it is time to cement your new veneers into place! You will be able to rest easy knowing that your new, high-quality veneers will look completely natural since they have translucency built right in! With these three easy steps, you will now have the smile of your dreams!