Often, if a patient needs extractions and wants dental implants, we can place the implants the same day. Here at Potomac Dental Centre, we make sure our patients’ receive the best care which in turn will give them the best final results. We use a variety of techniques for bone preservation and grafting. Our goal is to get good healing and integration making the implant strong and stable. We give our patients the ability to smile and eat the foods they love again.

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If your bone tissue has deteriorated, you will not be able to receive your implant treatment without increasing the density of the bone to support the implant. Our dentist at Potomac Dental Centre uses ReOss® materials and technology to help increase your bone density and allow you to receive your restorative treatment. Several studies have shown that this system of biodegradable polymer and bioceramic composites can improve bone regeneration, optimizing resorption, osteogenesis, and osteointegration to stimulate new bone growth. Please contact us at 240-329-2398 to learn more about ReOss in Hagerstown, Maryland, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Everett Eklund.

ReOss® is a composite biomaterial used in filling and augmenting intraoral and maxillofacial osseous defects (bone deterioration), in periodontal pockets, at the roots of a tooth, at tooth extraction sites, and in the alveolar ridge, as well as in sinus elevation procedures. It uses two phases to simulate bone regeneration: a PLGA biodegradable polymer, and a bioceramic.

The polymer phase of treatment provides a structurally stable, biocompatible matrix to which cells can adhere, and which biological fluids can penetrate. The bioceramic phase has a chemical and structural similarity to the mineral phase of natural bone and allows the biocomposite material to bond with the natural bone and stimulate regeneration. The multi-pore, 3-dimensional architecture of ReOss helps to create an environment in which new bone growth can occur, providing an adhesive scaffolding which serves as a strong physical support for the cells as they develop. The entire system created by ReOss is an intricate, highly interconnected matrix with enhanced hydrophilic (easily wettable) properties.

ReOss uses a patented process of barosynthesis to permeate a highly porous, synthetic polymer foam with sub-micron particles. These sub-micron particles improve osteointegration, and augment protein absorption and cell adhesion to improve the ability of the bone to regenerate. This, in combination with the bone-like foam scaffold and hydrophilic surface create an environment that stimulates bone regeneration. As the cells of the new bone tissue begin to grow and develop both phases of the biocomposite – the polymer and the bioceramic – degrade, leaving behind a stable, natural bone matrix into which your implant may be placed.

For more information on ReOss®, and to make your appointment with our dentist, please contact our office today.

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L-PRF (Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin)

Dr. Everett Eklund uses Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) to help accelerate your healing process following your surgical implant placement. To learn more about L-PRF in Hagerstown, Maryland, and to make your appointment with our skilled dentist, call Potomac Dental Centre today at 240-329-2398.

Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin is an autogenous combination of platelet rich fibrin, which our dentist derives from your blood. Using a simplified chairside procedure, our dentist produces and thin, compressed layer of platelet rich fibrin that is strong, pliable, and easy to use in suturing. The L-PRF is rich in platelets, cytokines, and other protein growth factors found in blood platelets and leukocytes that promote rapid healing. This network of L-PRF promotes more efficient cell migration and proliferation, and provides a more rapid healing process, especially in the first few days after your implant placement.

L-PRF is easy to manipulate. Our dentist can cut it to the appropriate size for your treatment, and the material can be easily adapted to many different anatomical areas. It is also adhesive in nature, and will remain stable at room temperature for several hours.

We invite you to contact our practice today for more information on L-PRF and to schedule your consultation with our talented dentist.

Hemostatic Dressing & Collagen Plugs

When our dentist performs your implant placement procedure, he will use a hemostatic dressing and collagen plug to help stop the blood flow and begin the healing process. For more information about hemostatic dressings and collagen plugs in Hagerstown, Maryland, and to make your appointment with Dr. Everett Eklund at Potomac Dental Centre, please contact our office at 240-329-2398.

Hemostasis is a process used to stop bleeding. Hemostatic agents are available as powders, granules, or as dressings. Following your implant placement surgery, our dentist will provide you with a hemostatic dressing to stop the flow of blood from the surgical site and help begin the healing process. This dressing is typically medical gauze that has been specially treated with the correct agent to begin sealing off your injured blood vessels.

A collagen plug may also be provided to help close the wound. Collagen plugs are a type of resorbable soft tissue that cover your socket or graft, sealing it off and helping to stop blood flow. They are often used in areas where hemostatic dressings are difficult to place.

We welcome you to contact our practice today to learn more about hemostatic dressings and collagen plugs, and to schedule a consultation with our caring dentist.