Denture Adhesive Helps A Complete Denture Fit Comfortably

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Teeth that have been lost or compromised by long-term problems with tooth decay and periodontitis can significantly hamper your quality of life. In many of these cases, patients with few healthy teeth remaining will choose to have them extracted to prepare their mouth for a complete denture.

The base of the removable oral appliance will be created in a special dental lab to comfortably match the shape and contours of your existing gum structure. Even with this firm fit, many complete denture users will apply a small amount of denture adhesive when installing the unit each morning.

Just a small bead carefully applied to the base before biting down can help comfortably secure the denture in place. As you go about your day the denture adhesive can also help block out food particles.

Still, it might be helpful to get in the habit of keeping a little denture adhesive with you. If something does manage to infiltrate the area, you can rinse the base of the denture before quickly applying some more denture adhesive.

You should never sleep with your denture in your mouth. It’s best to remove it each evening before you go to bed to clean it. It’s important to rinse away any residual adhesive before brushing all the surfaces of your denture with a soft-bristled toothbrush and denture polish. You can then safely soak it overnight in some denture solution.

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