Having a Crowning Smile

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Do you have a tooth that has experienced severe damage, trauma or decay? Does one of your teeth have an embarrassing blemish? If you answered any of these questions in the affirmative, a dental crown may provide the solution. Crowns have the ability to restore a tooth’s natural appearance and function. A crown can also have the added benefit of hiding unsightly blemishes as a crown covers the tooth to the gum line.

To get a dental crown, Dr. Eklund will reduce the size of the tooth so that the crown will fit properly. An impression of the tooth will then be taken so that the crown can be designed, and when the crown is ready, it will be cemented into place.

Crowns are most commonly made from porcelain so that they can appear like your natural teeth. Here at, Potmomac Dental Centre, we are proud to offer our patients CEREC dental crowns. In the past, it used to take several appointments for a crown to be made. However, with CEREC technology, we are able to design, create and place your custom-made crown in one visit, making it an effective alternative to a traditional crown.

If you would like more information about dental crowns or would like to schedule an appointment in the Hagerstown, Maryland area, please call our team at 240-329-2398. We look forward to helping you get your healthiest smile possible.