How Are Your Fluoride Treatments Going?

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Fluoride has been proven effective at keeping your tooth enamel strong. For this reason, it is found in many products.
How are your fluoride treatments going? For additional treatment options, consider the following:
– If you need additional fluoride supplements, they can be purchased online and in many stores. They often come in packs of drops or lozenges.
– Fluoride is often added to products, but in its normal setting, it is a mineral that can be found in nature across the planet.
– Fluoride is found in oral health care supplements, through professional cleanings, in toothpaste, the public water supply, and various forms of mouthwash.
– Fluoride levels in consumer products are considered to be safe for children and adults, but it can be poisonous to young children at high levels, so avoid letting them use any products containing fluoride.
– Professional cleanings applied by your dentist are designed to introduce your smile to fluoride treatments that are both safe and effective.

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