Sedation Dentistry for You

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Do you experience dental anxiety when you go to the dentist or even when you think of going to the dentist? Here at Potomac Dental Care, we want to provide the best dental care while also making you feel at ease. Sedation dentistry is part of our recommendation to help you feel relaxed. Read on for more details!

Oral sedation is our method of treatment when helping our patients to relax during their appointment, coming in the form of a pill. We determine this at a time before your appointment, so be sure to contact us beforehand with your concerns. This is a type of conscious sedation where you are awake and in full control of your body, but you feel relaxed and may even doze off.

Sedation may be the best answer for you and someone you know if they have experienced a bad dental visit before, have bad gag reflex, need extensive dental treatment, have a difficult time sitting still for a long time or getting numb, or another reason. Speak to Dr. Everett Eklund and our dental professionals if this is the best option for you depending on the treatment you need. One of the most important things is making sure you come in for a dental checkup twice a year.

Don’t feel the need to skip out on our dental appointment; speak to our dental team about your concerns and we will be sure to create a comfortable experience for you. Give us a call at 240-329-2398 today to schedule an appointment or even meet for a consultation here in Hagerstown, Maryland. We will be happy to give you the treatment you need and deserve!