When Are the Times Tooth Extraction is Likely Needed?

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It’s best to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime. However, there are times when one or more teeth need to be extracted to save your oral health and smile. Our dentist, Dr. Everett Eklund, would be happy to help you know more by telling you all about the times when tooth extraction is a feasible option, which are when:

– Your tooth is severely decayed (This happens when you don’t treat a cavity immediately like you’re supposed to. The cavity spreads and harms the inner structures of the tooth, like the dentin and pulp)

– Your tooth is extremely damaged (This happens when you suffer a blow to the face without the use of a mouthguard. This can happen during high-contact sports or when you accidentally crash on your bike or skateboard)

– You have wisdom teeth (Oftentimes wisdom teeth cause more harm than good. This is because they can become impacted and they can cause complications in the mouth. More often than not, wisdom teeth need to be extracted)

– You don’t have enough room in the mouth (Usually with a crowded mouth you can’t properly align the teeth or allow other teeth to grow into place. Extraction can create more room for growth and change)

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