Your Smile Deserves the Best in Dental Treatments and Mini Dental Implants Don’t Disappoint!

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Missing teeth tend to lower self-confidence and impact your oral health, not to mention how you eat and chew. Replacing missing teeth is vital to maintaining the position of current teeth and your facial profile, both in structure and volume. Without this support, your face can eventually appear sunken and aged.

Mini dental implants are a stable, durable and effective tooth replacement option that can be completed in just three visits to our office located in Hagerstown, Maryland. At Potomac Dental Centre, Dr. Everett Eklund and our team can successfully replace your missing teeth and get you back to your normal routine with the help of these dental implants.

Dr. Eklund is pleased to offer mini dental implants which are great for replacing one or more missing teeth or even complete arches of teeth! Made from titanium, the implant post is surgically inserted into the jawbone where a tooth is missing. Acting as a tooth root, the implant anchors the restoration for a secure and stable fit.

Dr. Eklund and his team have helped patients replace missing teeth, secure complete or partial dentures, boost thinning bone material and complete extracted teeth or fixed dental bridges. To help you determine whether mini dental implants are right for your smile, Dr. Eklund will evaluate your mouth with the help of CT cone beam X-rays to see if you have sufficient bone material to support dental implants.

Once an assessment is made, any teeth requiring extraction will be removed at your following appointment. The area will be grafted using a platelet-rich grafting made from your blood, called L-PRF grafting, and the implant is also done to limit your visits. Platelet therapy uses your blood to speed healing as it prevents allergic reactions in dental surgeries. As the area heals, these white blood cells will help your jawbone and tissue grow properly. You will feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment time. Post-implantation, you will be wearing a temporary crown for one to two months, as needed. Your final crown – customized from zirconia – will be made once you have healed and then placed during your final appointment.

There are various mini dental implants available to replace the lost teeth in your smile. Dr. Everett Eklund and our team are happy to help you find the best solution suited to your needs. Potomac Dental Centre offers the following dental implant options for our patients seeking to replace missing teeth:

-Single Implant Crown or Bridge
-Removable Acrylic Overdenture
-Fix on Six®
-Implant-Supported Fixed Zirconia Bridge

Dental implants help make your dental restorations more successful than ever and our patients have been pleased with the results. If you have missing teeth or need to have one or more teeth extracted, we welcome you to call today at 240-329-2398 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Everett Eklund and our team in Hagerstown, Maryland and learn more about our implant options. Once you decide on a treatment we can get your mini implants done and your tooth replaced in only three visits! Your smile deserves the best in dental care!