At Potomac Dental Centre, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with visiting the dentist. That discomfort may range from mild anxiety to fear. While such fears are common, they should not keep you from getting the dental treatment you need. Our dentist, Dr. Everett Eklund is committed to making your visit to our dental office in Hagerstown, Maryland, a pleasant one.

When you visit our practice, Dr. Everett Eklund will discuss any fears or concerns you may have about your treatment. He will also thoroughly review your health history to determine whether sedation is right for you and which sedation option best fits your situation. Our team is pleased to offer three different kinds of sedation for your convenience:

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is a sedative gas mixed with oxygen. You simply inhale the gas through the nose mask and feel more relaxed. This is a mild form of sedation so you will remain conscious and aware during your treatment. It takes only a few minutes to wear off once your treatment ends.
  • Oral sedation involves taking a oral medication, as provided by our dentist, prior to your appointment. When you arrive for your treatment you will be relaxed and at ease. You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment with this sedation.
  • IV sedation involves administering the sedative through the veins. During your treatment, our dentist can easily and safely adjust the amount of sedative you receive to ensure that you remain comfortable. With IV sedation, you will remain conscious during your treatment, but many patients feel so relaxed that they fall asleep. You will need someone to drive you home after your appointment.

At Potomac Dental Centre, we often combine our sedation methods to give you a more comfortable treatment. Every time we perform sedation during a treatment, Dr. Everett Eklund will provide you with nitrous oxide, even if you are also receiving oral sedation or IV sedation. If you do not require sedation for your treatment, you can still opt to receive nitrous oxide to feel more relaxed. For more complex treatments, Dr. Everett Eklund will often combine both oral sedation and IV sedation to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you are as comfortable as possible.

In short, our team understands that every patient is different and we want to ensure that you are comfortable with your dental care no matter your situation. Our dentist will work with you to determine which method of sedation, or combination of methods, is right for you. If you would like to learn more about sedation dentistry in Hagerstown, Maryland, we invite you to contact our practice at 240-329-2398 and speak with a member of our friendly team.